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Best Mercedes service

If you don’t know anything or just getting into Mercedes software and coding or just trying to understanding how the Mercedes electrical system works don’t both with anything else. You will learn more from just one session with BenzNinja than watching hours of YouTube videos. The best service you will ever find seriously don’t both with anything else if you are a beginner you’ll just end up wasting money. BenzNinja can save you thousands!

Thomas Falter

Excellent Customer Service, Excellent Solutions, Outstanding Result AAAAA++++

BenzNinja – Peter – resolved a significant challenge with my C63S AMG cabriolet – specifically the factory Head Unit software requiring a restoration.

From the initial contact, Peter’s guidance was excellent. The additional support Charles provided was first class also.

All issues were resolved remotely -even though I am based in Sydney Australia, time zone constraints weren’t a challenge at all!

I spoke directly with Peter also & he is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, professional & customer focused.

Somewhat of a rarity these days!

Highly recommended to everyone looking to remedy issues or customize with coding options also – it’s a no brainer & a significantly cheaper option than taking it to my MB dealer for software remedy alone.

I would definitely use their services again & am a very happy customer.


Peter is the best ! Thank you for everything bro

One year passed already since i have Peter’s software and i use it daily, zero problems, everything works perfectly.

But the most important part in this is the fact that Peter is amazing, true professional and great person. He is always available for help with his deeeeep knowledge of Benz codings.

Benzninja’s service is the best! i highly recommend his software and his services, priceless ❤️

Thank you once again for everything, you helped me a lot and still helping when i need it ❤️


One of the best things I have bought in my life!!!

I already left a review but just wanted to add to it. Peter and his tools have saved me so much time and money. Over the last couple of months I have worked on multiple complex projects that without his tools it would not of been possible as DIY projects. I only wish I would have learned of this years ago. I could have bought 10 of his units from what I have spent over the years at the dealer fixing things. Peter is thoughtful person who takes the time to understand the problem and then help you solve it. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! ONE OF MY TOP 10 THINGS I HAVE BOUGHT IN MY LIFE!!!

Dr. Eric S. Ackerman

Overall maintenance

I originally came in contact with Peter a.k.a. Benz ninja after I played with my scn coding and ruined some modules. After skimming through numerous auto shops it seemed that no one but the dealer was going to be able to help me, that is when I came across benzninja on mbworld. This guy is a lifesaver.

He was able to fix the scn mistakes I made, fixed numerous other issues which I thought would either be unfixable or at very least require hardware, but Peter fixed the faults with them. He’s always available within a reasonable timeframe usually within a few minutes to an hour the most. There’s a lot more I can say all great things all in all if you own a Benz this a must, no more waiting for an appointments that could take weeks at dealerships no more getting ripped off I e been a member for a little less than two months at the time of this review and I have already saved thousands. definitely recommended!!! Thank you Peter you’re the best!!!

Ahmed Abo Leben

Solved a problem in two hours that the dealer wanted all day for!!

I just became a member after struggling to get one item resolved. I recently purchased an Apple Car Play adapter for my 2007 S550. It was a bit of a struggle getting it installed since the wiring harness was from the source was not correct. They did help me get it corrected and program the command system to allow AUX in. After the AUX programming I lost my massage seat functions. It was completely wiped out. They had no answers for me except get access to the Xentry system and just re-enable. So I went to my local shop and he spent an hour trying to find where you enable this with no luck (no charge since I have used him many times). His recommendation was possibly the dealer can help. Next week made an appointment with the dealership. They initially told me 2 hours labor ($298 per hour) and then after 30 minutes came back out and told me it would be all day and they did not have an amount it could be. I said NO and they returned the car. This is when I did some extensive searching and found BenzNinja. Initially I was hoping to just pay for the service using someone else’s C4 system. After going back and forth I determined that it would be easier to just buy my own system and become a member. Once I joined I was sent the information on what to purchase and off I went. Within two weeks every thing was onsite and we started to work on the issue. It took over two hours to figure out what was wrong. I am positive that the dealership would NOT of been able to solve this. They are NOT interested in older cars. They want cars just out of warranty that they can make $$$$$$ on. BenzNinja found the issue and re-coded my command system and got everything working!!! This upcoming weekend we will be working on the level sensors. This morning my check engine lite came on and tonight I will hook up the system and see what is the issue. Then I will consult with BenzNinja on the issue. I only wish I could of found this service years ago. Just do it!!!

Dr. Eric S. Ackerman

He is the real deal, period.

Been a customer for about a year. He is the real deal, period.

Search the R230 and R230 AMG forums for plenty of feedback.

Not only is his STAR setup seamless (works perfectly and has WIS baked in), but the ABC suspension tuning he offers (and at the price he offers it at) is a gift to the community.

Dramatic improvement in the driving dynamics of an R230 w/ ABC 2, flashed in a few minutes. Good luck getting a dealer or a independent shop to do that for you.

As for some of the noise on past threads, my advice is to stick to the feedback from his actual customers.


BenzNinja deserves a Michelin Star

If there were to exist Michelin ratings for Mercedes Techs – like there is for those fancy 12 hour/12 course meal restaurants than BenzNinja is one of the very few in the world that deserves such a rating. Why?

I contacted Peter about how do I become a member and he gave me all the answers upfront. He guided me on what hardware I needed and even sent me links to where to buy them. He then installed the software which took him about 2 days of work on my laptop working remotely with TeamViewer.

Today he helped me with a lot of things:

Upgraded the software on various modules, coded rear sam for a hitch, helped me identify long time issues with airmatic, and erased a MAF sensor code, and helped me pinpoint the dread “White Battery” light issue. I have yet have to bother him with other issues and he has zero problem helping us because he truly passionately enjoys doing what he does.

Coming from Audi/VW I was getting so much frustrated with Mercedes simply because there is no simple aftermarket software like Ross-Tech which only cost me $400 and was able to read, erase, and do coding in a very simple matter. With Mercedes this forum was my only hope that kept me enjoy my cars thanks to the members – especially MajDundee.

So unless you have thousands of dollars to throw down the drain at the dealer for simple issues than youre really rich and dont need anyone to help you.

But if you really want to enjoy your benz for the simple fact that they are “the best or nothing” and doing so without throwing money down the pit BenzNinja is that Michelin Chef for your Mercedes Benz.

I vouch for him that he has helped me more in one day than all mechanics combined since Ive owned my 3 Mercedes Cars.

He gets 10 stars not 5 for his service. With his help Im also able to help friends and family as well.

All I can say is that he goes above and beyond to help you resolve the issue. I highly encourage everyone that need his help to not hesitate and become a BenzNinja member. And please dont forget to tip him as he has to make a living too.


Ninja got my back!

Definitely wanted to add my story as well. So after years of owning multiple Benz’s and throwing money out the window paying for diag/coding I decided to bite the bullet and purchase my own Xentry system. I did some research here first, and I am so thankful I did because it gave me the opportunity to work with Peter. I was having a trivial issue with my 211 where I was unable to access the service menu in my cluster. It was a minor inconvenience and in my mind, it would be something simple to fix. Oh boy, was it not. Prior to working with Peter, I had my car diagnosed by a local mechanic who replaced my central gateway and absolutely butchered the programming process resulting in random errors throughout the systems (one of which being the service menu concern). Peter was able to reprogram the CGW very quickly fixing most of my issues. It was amazing watching him work. At this point I was satisfied and told him he didn’t need to waste his time fixing my trivial concern as the car was already better than before, but he was determined! He spent HOURS fixing the firmwares on these modules. I was absolutely blown away by his commitment to fix my issue and his support availability, all while maintaining a positive attitude and good conversation. I wish I would have found him sooner as I would have saved money and frustration throughout the years. I no longer have to deal with questionable mechanics, the Ninja got my back!


It will be a big and nice 10 score from here.

After several years in another European country, we chose to move to Hungary almost two years ago. We brought all our cars with us, which include an S Class w221 S63 and an ML w164 420. As all car’s always have been cared for with authorized service done by Mercedes Benz, we also wanted to continue with this here in Hungary.

However, in connection with a B service on the ML last year, at the locally authorized Mercedes Benz workshop, we got a car back, there the left front wheel fell off on the highway to Budapest, damaged the rim, brake disc and airmatic strut. The Mercedes Benz workshop was completely dismissive, and after meetings with lawyers and “appellate expert’s” we were directly advised not to spend money and energy on a lawsuit against Mercedes Benz Hungary, apparently it is a well-known fact that at least the authorized Mercedes Benz workshops here in Hungary are extremely bad, with an extremely minimal service – Mercedes Benz in Germany was also contacted but despite several inquiries we are still awaiting a response.

As a trained aircraft mechanic and FAA flight engineer I love pretty much “service and quality” so for a long time I have researched the possibilities of getting our Mercedes cars serviced correctly, in fact I was as far, as driving them 950 km to our old authorized Mercedes Benz workshop – but …

But then I became a member of this great group and one late night I stumbled upon a post about Benzninja – and immediately my curiosity was aroused, as the same setup that Benzninja uses, is practically the same setup that we use for our customers in the aviation industry. And after reading about Benzninja setup there was no doubt that Benzninja’s setup fits perfectly, and as we have a good and skilled mechanic locally, but he has no access to Mercedes Benz service tools and systems but as he said when I told him about Benzninja setup “you just get a list of what to do, I can do it”

The decision was not difficult to make and I ordered VCI as instructed by Benzninja, it arrived surprisingly quickly. Laptop was made ready, Benzninja installed 70-80 GB software overnight, very very simple and easy, my participation lasted under 10 minutes.

In this week we had our first session!

First, the S 63 had to go through a Benzninja setup, which was only a minor software update otherwise everything was fine, despite almost 400,000 kilometers.

On Thursday morning, it was schedule for the ML to be checked, and it was clear very quickly that last year’s service at Mercedes Benz in Hungary, where in addition to a regular A service, two oxygen sensors had to be replaced and both DPF regeneration had not been performed, the DPF were completely blocked, 164% and 264% and more than 85,000 kilometers since last regeneration, yes well we drive a lot, but not so much. But within 20 minutes, both DPFs were at 0%, and all software updated.

Financially, I have already got my investments in the VCI and the fee for the Benzninja lifelong services “return” The alternative was a visit to the local authorized Mercedes Benz workshop and + 1000 !

I find the setup that Benzninja offers super good, very very simple and completely without worries, plug in cable, switch on the laptop, hookup to WiFi and wupti – excellent service, is always reachable, responds lightning fast and communication at a high factual level – and finally at a very, very fair price.

It will be a big and nice 10 score from here.

Timo Schroeder

You'll be blown away!!

Hey guys,

Just a quick post to say a MASSIVE thanks to BenzNinja…he saved my new car after I stuffed the SatNav by changing something in the Engineering Menu and triggered the Anti-Theft Screen Lock, he secured me a 25 digit PIN to unlock the unit, but as this is a Japanese Import we discovered these aren’t the same as the rest of the world Benzes!!

The button press on the steering wheel 3 x + and 1 x – and Hangup doesn’t work on the Jap cars!!

So we needed a laptop to access the BCM/ECU etc…luckily a friend had already purchased the C4 and software from Benzninja 2yrs ago and was able to help so Benzninja could remote into my car from Paris!

He spent several hours working on the car, fixed the Anti-Theft screen, then proceeded to work some changes I wanted in the cars setup.

Removed the stupid bong bong bong noise when reverse is selected, turned off the Eco Mode stop/start system and other features his experience recommend we change.

The only thing we couldn’t change was the Japanese SatNav version, country, maps as its somehow hardcoded to those units, if I wanted to I can get a second hand Aussie unit from a wrecked model here and he can buy another PIN code to over ride the Anti Theft screen again and then update it to the latest Aussie maps etc…maybe something I will look at later on.

Honestly, I have been a Technician/Engineer in Telecommunications for 20+ yrs and have been the guy trying to fix stuff remotely and worked with other techs from overseas on issues with systems and Benzninja really does know his stuff, we started on time, didn’t stop till everything was working and can’t rate this guy highly enough….don’t waste money on stupid dealers untrained staff, invest in this guy and you’ll be blown away!!


I am just a happy customer

Hello all,

I have only recently purchased my first MB, (October 2021). In that time I have enjoyed every moment that I have driven it and enjoyed the pleasure of a true luxury car. In the lead up to the purchase, I joined this forum in order to find out more about the MB vehicles, faults, issues and tips and tricks. This forum lead me to BenzNinja and his services and world class advice.

I have spoken to him at length during the evening that he remoted in and setup my laptop and Ninja software.

We texted a week later when my DoIP kit had arrived and he conducted an initial assessment of my vehicle.

I hope to chat again early this week, when my new central gateway is installed and flashed, using his knowledge and experience and software.

In short, whilst I am technically and mechanically competent as well as have an employment background in IT, I don’t yet have the knowledge and experience to tackle the sophisticated environment of the MB vehicles, the BenzNinja does and he is extremely generous with his time and knowledge.

I purchased my membership of his club. I purchased my DoIP via options he sent me as links and it arrived within days.

I am an extremely happy and content club member and advocate of BenzNinja, because he has done everything he ever said he would and has supported me and assisted me with the care and maintenance of my pride and joy.

I write this piece purely to give people the confidence that if they do need to have work done on their vehicle, and have the skills to carry out some of the work for themselves, this is the method to use and it is all genuine. It is not a scam or a rip off.

But, be prepared, in some instances you need to know how to use a screwdriver, remove panels, get your hands dirty. But I imagine if you weren’t confident enough to do some of this work, you wouldn’t be on this forum in the first place…..

But you don’t need to be a serious programmer, or have high level computer knowledge, when you have BenzNinja and other forum members on your side. That level of knowledge and support is only one call or forum question away.

I am not affiliated to BenzNinja, I am just a happy customer, very happy with the man and his service and want other forum members to feel confident enough to get the same benefits that I have.

Good luck…


This guy is the best!

I would like to Bump this thread to the top. I worked with Benz Ninja, to custom code my w212 E350 BlueTec. This guy is phenomenal. My journey started off as a simple code reset to enable a replacement command after mine died. However, looking into his profile and abilities I found out he is a Mercedes Magician. He spent several hours with me to setup a laptop and get ready for the custom coding. Once we got connected to the car he worked wonders. He was able to do a Transmission tune and also added Agility and Manual mode. He also did a few minor tweaks like seatbelt chime disable, and upgraded my AC from 5 to 7 settings… my favorite mod aside from the TCU tune was that he enabled the AMG menu on my diesel. This guy is the best!


I highly recommend him!

Membership with BenzNinja has been worth every penny, and more! I am new to Mercedes ownership and was originally looking for a way to get a repair manual for my G55. Once I learned you can’t just get a manual, I stumbled across Peter’s services and decided to give his setup a try based on all the positive reviews. He walked me through purchasing an inexpensive but quality laptop and C4 and then set everything up. Watching him work on the computer via TeamViewer was amazing, he’s like an IT guru! Now I have far more than a manual. I also have diagnostic and coding software plus a friendship with Peter who knows how to navigate this system like the back of his hand. He is also happy to teach you whatever you want to know. I have spent many hours with him on the phone troubleshooting various problems. He is a pleasure to work with and will not give up until the issue is solved. I highly recommend him!


Another satisfied customer

Had an issue pop up with my level calibration being off from airmatic system

Benzninja jumped right in and fixed along with a few other warnings in a heartbeat

If you need help he is the go to guy !!!!


$16k quote for some ABS work from MB fixed by BenzNinja

I own a 2005 sl500. I’m not a car guy. I mean, on a fairly normal car, I could change the oil. I’ve done other, very minor stuff like window motor replacement with YouTube help but I NEVER thought I would touch the Mercedes.

After my first trip to the stealership (my experience) and a $16k quote for some ABS work, I started looking for alternatives. I found an import specialty shop that saved me about four grand but I can’t keep up with that on a regular basis. So the next time the warning lights came on, and boy did they come on with a vengeance, I parked it in the garage and wasn’t expecting to drive it again. I had EAS and ABS and all the other alphabet soup on the dash and she had entered limp mode. Didn’t even know that was a thing until I came here. Anyway, when the price of gas skyrocketed, I wasn’t in a big hurry to get her back on the road anyway. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I finally pulled the trigger on BenzNinja. I thought, for that price, even if I just diagnose the issues then buy parts online, I’ll have a shot.

Wow. My expectations are blown away! Some time was spent on setup then diagnosis, then updates. He let me know that the car had NEVER been updated. 17 years and who knows how many stealership visits, no updates. Incredible. I just got done with a test drive and was absolutely shocked; all warnings gone, drives perfect, no limping. I just can’t believe it. I swore we were going to find some costly issues. Nope, all solved with software. I just am so happy to have gone this route.

A huge thank @BenzNinja for all the time spent so far and the amazing turnaround for this car. I’m so excited to stop driving my ’09 Chevy Cobalt every day. This wasn’t just a car repair, it truly was a quality of life improvement and mental health upgrade! Again, just thank you.


Unless you are a mechanic/Mercedes dealer/master coding expert....you need BenzNinja.

I have used Benz Ninja.

here is context for anyone who is not sure.

I am a business owner. I own a decent sized insurance brokerage and a couple of other ‘things’.

I employ the services of all manner of professionals, some professional, some not so professional.

Benz Ninja is professional.

Super perfect communication.

He opened up many nice features on my S560, fixed some things, upgraded some things.

let me put it like this, I know I have a flap on the right side that is stuck open (which is good! No complaints),. Benz Ninja calls me and says ‘go to the car’. I go outside.

I hear the tail flap actuator working…..I’m thinking, wow, how cool is this, he’s on the other side of the planet, and he just coded my tail pipes to stay always open…..

that’s the level of expertise you get from Benz Ninja.

Unless you are a mechanic/Mercedes dealer/master coding expert….you need Benz Ninja.

This is a very valuable person to have access to.

Thanks Benz Ninja, I now have 64 levels of led light in the car…..very cool….and I can watch YouTube on the command screen.


Good conversation and plenty of opportunities to laugh

I have had the pleasure of being rescued on a number of occasions by BenzNinja.

From ABC issues to the AMG cluster that gave me nothing but headaches at the start, the coffee drinking, (proper) green tea loving, He always gets me out of trouble!

Just now, while trying to make a simple alteration to my cluster, I managed to screw up and pull the standard variant coding to it, undoing all the hard work BN had gone through to make it work. Two double espressos later and we were knee deep in hex codes, correcting the damage I’d done. I was met with unusual text on the cluster screen, a pre-safe warning message (my car does not have the same level of pre-safe installed) and I had lost all communication with the command unit.

As usual, a perfect result with nothing but good conversation and plenty of opportunities to laugh.

As always, thanks Peter. I’m not sure I could feel as confident owning this Princess in Wolfs clothing as confidently as I do, if you weren’t there!


BenzNinja is an expert at what he does

Posting my brief experience with Mr BenzNinja as well.

I’ve been modding cars for quite some time and having a good SDS setup is invaluable for any work on a Mercedes. From resetting basic indicators to making your own instrument cluster and injecting CAN messages, you can’t get very far without a good setup. Sure, you could get a setup from China and get by, but make no mistake, you will be limited in what you can do with it, compared to what BenzNinja offers. Even if you are an expert and have access to all the resources to put it together yourself, the work that has gone into making everything available turnkey is truly invaluable. You are saving hours and hours of precious time by focusing on actually getting stuff accomplished, instead of scouring forums and trying to find workarounds for broken software.

In addition to offering a great setup, he’s there to help with anything you may be trying to do, always on WhatsApp. Makes you wonder when the man gets any sleep at all. Good luck getting service like that from anyone else.

Regardless, I will keep it short. Coming from someone with extensive software and hardware experience, sometimes it’s easier to simply trust the experts…and BenzNinja is an expert at what he does. Don’t hesitate to reach out and use his services.


I cannot imagine what the dealer would have charged me

I have been playing with Mercedes cars for most of my life… I have a pretty decent shop that I play in. I really thought I knew a substantial amount of how everything works…I have xentry system and several others and am pretty good with it. I have run into a few problems that I just couldn’t figure out and I took a gamble on Benz ninja. I think he actually sent me a message and offered to help for free. I would imagine it’s here on the forum still.

I have a 2016 AMG GTS and have several others. Yesterday I had a big problem with DTR in the GTS. It was an intermittent I could not find it and was just beating my head on the wall. Somehow I managed to get a malfunction screen on the car on top of everything else. This is a tuned car with bigger turbos downpipes all kinds of stuff. I contacted Benz ninja again and within 30 minutes or so he was in the system and he worked on it for nearly 4 hours. He updated all of my firmware he corrected my DTR problem and fixed the malfunction screen that didn’t even show codes. Also fixed a couple things I didn’t know were pending.

I cannot imagine what the dealer would have charged me if they would have even touched it because of the modifications. I offered to pay him and he told me this is just what he does. I had paid a lifetime membership several months ago on another car because it was cheaper to do that than tow the car to the dealer when I couldn’t figure it out. Apparently that has taken care of this car as well for me. Again, I asked him how much I owed when we were finished and he told me nothing.

I cannot explain to anybody more clearly than this that he is the real deal and the gts I have is not a simple one…. Everything he did did not affect my tune or anything else. Even if the dealer was willing to look at it I don’t think that they could have fixed it in the time frame he did…..

If anybody has questions you can call me directly I will vouch 100%. He saved me this time huge.


Greatly expanded his services

I’ve been working with BenzNinja almost 2 years now. Never had an issue. He has greatly expanded his services in the past year.

he is transparent in my experience working with him but can’t speak for everyone.

he does get very busy but works like 12 hrs. days even on Sat to accommodate me.


Just amazing!

I am Benzofthekeys at BenzWorld.org. I get all of the Mercedes problems that no one for 175 miles will touch. My customers have the most amazing horror stories about their attempts to get repairs in local shops that are clueless and greedy, a bad combination! Peter has just today, spent hours helping me diagnose a difficult failure of the traction system in a very complex and sophisticated R231 AMG SL550. You can talk tech with him as deep as you want and he will be right there. Without a good working Xentry System to scan a modern Mercedes-Benz, you are not going to be able to pinpoint faults and decide on the best repair. My business depends on fast, precise diagnosis and BenzNinja membership is just the ticket. About the best investment in tools I have ever made.”

Eurocar Key West

P30 Nürburgring DTM ABC

Hello everyone from Italy, today Benzninja installed the P30 on my Mercedes w221 550. Become a new car. Very kind person, done all work with teamviewer. Fantastic work thanks. I hope my license doesn’t fly away”


My full recommendations, without hesitation

Regarding the service of Benzninja: My full recommendations, without hesitation. Both his advice regarding hardware and help with installing on a laptop that gave some extra trouble, can only be regarded as TOP service. After owning and using the system for one week now, I dare to say this is the best diagnose system available to non-MB technician. On top of that, you get Peter! He has been a great help and has also great knowledge of our cars. Even when you say that he can respond to a question at a moment that fits him best, he still responds promptly. What more can you want? This diagnose system gives me the confidence to buy a R231 in the near future, making me Independent from my local dealers, that have very little experience with SL-models themselves. Again, highly recommended!”


knocks customer service out of the park!

Cliff notes version: Not only I am 100% satisfied…he also knocks customer service out of the park! Seriously, he’s a freaking genius and I have never had a better experience than I have with his product, his responsiveness and his knowledge. If you would like your own Xentry system that works 100% perfectly and are not comfortable with China junk or don’t have the skills to work out the kinks like some can do …Benzninja is your guy. This is a turn key system he downloads it all via team viewer. Sit back and prepare to be amazed. Oh and of course he also coded new modules for me…kept me out of the dealer and saved me time and money. Not to mention the satisfaction of being involved. Happier MB’ing thanks to Benzninja! Steven”


I highly recommend him

I read the positive reviews on BenzNinja when considering investing in the Xentry for my W212, last year. All the great reviews proved true. Peter is responsive and knowlegable. You can not get a better resource for MB Diagnostics. I highly recommend him. It’s not surprising that there are no legitimate negative comments.”


Never have I ever regretted even for a second

Another one to add to the list of 100% recommend Peter. Always helpful and gets back to you in a timely manner. Whatever you think you save on your own trying to get your own system going will quickly be lost when it breaks and you don’t know how to fix it not to mention all the time you would waste. Never have I ever regretted even for a second paying for Peter’s services.”


I've used BenzNinja!

I joined the benzninja club a few months ago, I got the DTM software installed on my 2011 SL, a first class job which is an excellent upgrade. Since then Peter has done a few coding jobs for me, all perfect. I’ve spoken to him a few times and find him to be great bloke. Even when I ask him stupid questions at 11pm he always replies in a helpful manner. So, do I recommend his service ?…..absolutely 100% but remember that the man has to earn a living so I guess 20 questions without paying the reasonable fee to join the club may not result in the answers you require……”



Benzninja is simply the best MB tech I’ve come across. I have had multiple issues with my vehicle and he was able to help me in one day to fix all of them. He does his work with passion and goes above and beyond. 5 star is underrated. He deserves 10 star. Sign up and you will see what I’m talking about.”


An Unparalleled service experience!

Peter has assisted me throughout the entire process of purchase, setup and use of my STAR system. From which laptop to buy on eBay, to the multiplexer from China, Peter held my hand. I’ve now had the opportunity to put it all to use. Peter spent hours with me one day to troubleshoot issues with my GLK350, then the SL. Engine, transmission and ABC upgrades carried out on the SL, along with fixing the drooping rear end. ( on the car :). I, like others, was astounded at the level of knowledge and expertise exhibited by Peter and the speed and accuracy of his work. Then came the ultimate test, the road trip. The car drove like a dream. I used the new A” mode for my 200km drive to work. The car was smooth and responsive, an even greater joy to drive than normal. I am longing for the return trip soon. Thank you Peter!”


Peter Makes Miracles Happen!

I’ve worked with Peter before and always been impressed by his professionalism and endless knowledge. Recently I had an issue with the transmission control module in my CLS500, it had developed an error and lost it’s coding. Peter was able to jump in remotely and solve the issue very quickly. Others had said that this was impossible or it was a lost cause and I would need to buy a new module from for $$$$ and it would take weeks to arrive, still requiring even more time to install! Thanks to Peter’s knowledge and skills I was up and running again that same afternoon and it’s better than new. I highly recommend the BenzNinja!”


Peter exudes friendly expertise part 2

After my last review, the roof would not go down and the Central locking failed. I removed all the upholstery in the trunk and behind the seats in the car to gain access to the CAN B Connector X30/17. I unplugged every connection, fuse and relay and cleaned all the contacts. I tested each one of them for continuity and they all passed. The K57 relay checked out as did the K75 relay although it had the blue corrosion on it so I cleaned it up properly. I reassembled everything and tested the door locks and they worked as expected. I connected the SDS and Xentry returned no errors. I then (and only then) activated the roof retraction mechanism and it moved about .5 cm and stopped. It blew fuse 71. I replaced the fuse and ran the test again in the same order with the same results. I removed the PSE pump and bench tested it and it worked fine. I then replaced fuse 71 and tested the connectors at A37 for power and they checked out. Logic left me with no other option than to replace the PSE with my brand new spare. It worked as expected. I ran Xentry again, cleared all the faults and the quick test returned no faults at all. I want to thank Peter so much for the software upgrade AND support that he provided. I had been working with Chinese hacked tools that only partially functioned. Since he set up my software I have learned so much about what it can really do and the “Stealership” will never hold me hostage again.”


Brilliant Mercedes engineer!

My ESP/ABS light came on. I did months of research so I could fix it myself, not wanting to pay the dealers hefty ransom. I changes the break switch, abs sensors, fuses, and even cleaned the ABS connection. Three Mercedes garages said it was the sensor and wanted a fortune. I posted in benzworld forum to get a new esp programed and old vin matched to my vehicle. BenzNinja replied saying very confidently he can fix it and has never been beaten by a problem. The Ninja jumped right in. First he perfected my p.c organizing it to run flawlessly. Note he is in a different continent from me and logged remotely into my P.C. The he attacked the issue. His diagnosis left me dumbfounded. It was not the ESP but the ABS pump. He was able to catch the issue due his vast experience, noting a hydraulic pressure irregularity. I replaced the ABS, BenzNinja did some brief coding, and while at it finessed some of the transmission and engine parameters. For a modest price my car is running like a Ferrari with lots more horsepower and no errors. This man is both very determined and a savant genius. I cannot thank You BenzNinja enough, great communication and great work”

Delboy andco

Glad I signed up

Good guy, very knowledgeable, good to work with, friendly. Glad I signed up. Certainly pulled the ninja skills out to get my window to work on my CL63.”


Amazing service by BenzNinja

My nightmare started when I purchased a china made SD unit. The corrupted bios, cheap SSD, bad ethernet, etc. Plus, the OBD cable has a connection problem and the SD firmware is out of date. The nightmare was finally ended by Peter, BenzNinja. He spend 3 days in a row to fix these problems. He certainly knows what he’s doing and is extremely patient and never gives up. He also dug in the developer menu to find a hidden menu for my W220 and finally made it work flawlessly. I highly recommend him for anyone who owns MB. Two thumbs up!!!”


My hero

My car was a mess. Many electrical issues due to under hood fuse box getting wet. He troubleshoot and coded all of it back to perfection. Probably saved my $5000+ at a dealer”



From San Juan Puerto Rico. Benz Ninja is the most valuable resource to any MB owners. The way I can plug in my computer and have a bonafide professional check the systems and prescribe a fix has major value! I would not be able to keep my two MB cars if it wasn’t for this service. Have been a customer for almost two years now and counting.”


His service is perfect!

This is a message from Japan. His service is perfect! Peter installed software and other staff to my PC, helped the diagnostic and some coding via TeamViewer All the steps worked well without any issue. Thank you again Peter! I’m very satisfied with your service.”


Peter exudes friendly expertise

Peter exudes friendly expertise. I am a recent convert. I have a 2003 R230 (since 2013) and a C4 MUX and Windows 10 Chinese cloned I started with an SDS (09/2016 image) on a Dell D630. I had been able to use the tool well enough but it was a bit flakey at times before the MUX packed it in. I sourced a C5 and it worked on Wi-Fi so I could use from the the bench. Even though I have years of mechanical and computer experience, the software is not what I would call intuitive even for a mechanic. Support for this hardware/software is very limited. I cloned another Win 7 of the SDS software and put it on a new SSD. I have used the forums for a resource as most DIY folks do and I have seen posts from and about Benzninja that read “this guy knows his stuff”. I decided to expedite my learning curve and so I contacted him and “signed up”. It was the smartest investment I have made in this car. His understanding of the software combined with his technical skill saves a lot of time. The SDS functions as expected and he convinced me to ditch the Wi-Fi and stick with the LAN. The updated SDS is rock solid and all the modules (WIS, EPC etc.) work. Thank you Peter!”


I'll be back to his work

Hi perfect work from Peter, he has already installed several laptops for me and he repaired everything without the slightest error, without any problems, reinstalled and advised me on what to do. I’m really excited about his work and I’ll be back to his work. Thank you very much Milan”

Great Cars -Milan Sochurek

Thanks Peter!

Let me start out by saying that Peter is a man who knows his craft. He was super helpful during the entire process and responds to email inquiries very quickly. He included suggestions as to which hardware to procure and which laptop the install runs best on. Setup was super easy for me. Peter spent numerous hours remoting into the laptop to set everything up perfectly. He also spent several hours doing a live walk through with me on the total setup. By the time he was done with the walk through he/we had made several changes and updates on my car, saving me hundreds of dollars I would have spent at the stealership. The system he installed is incredible. It has allowed me to do several repairs since install. The software gives step by step instructions down to a granular level. The instructions are enhanced by photos, a full parts listing and more. The best part is its compatible with all Mercedes models. I’ve already used the setup to assist a friend with a repair on his Mercedes too. Thanks Peter!”


Peter is the real deal he is extremely talented

Peter is the real deal he is extremely talented and has a ton of knowledge even showed me how to use the SDS properly on my car. You know you got the best when Peter can move your car Seats in Oregon by remote. If you work on your own car this is the best you Can get. Thanks Peter, J. Thomas”


Peter is an incredibly helpful person

Peter is an incredibly helpful person has alot of time and patience to assist with setup. Xentry works flawlessly and as per workshop setup! You can be assured Peter is 100% genuine with what he does.”


I just want to say thank you for everything, you are the best.

BenzNinja is the best Mercedes-Benz resource that you will ever find or ever need. His knowledge of the system and his ability in helping me with setting up Xentry is amazing. Well he did everything, he also did a tour of the entire setup to show me how to use everything. I was amazed and totally satisfied with everything. My Xentry system is working great and no issues. BenzNinja is so helpful to the Benz community, I recommend anyone with a Mercedes-Benz to contact BenzNinja. I just want to say thank you for everything, you are the best.”


BenzNinja is the best that I found so far

In 2016, I bought the complete system from one of Ebay sellers from China. I paid $1000 for Panasonic CF19 with 2016 Xentry and C4 with all cables. It was working ok for small repairs giving me what typical Xentry could give. However, the scope of the problems was very wide. Several time the system stopped working because I was connected to internet. After one year warranty, power adapter stopped working draining the battery. The entire system stopped working. Of course, everything was fixed for an additional charge of $50 per incident. I had more than four of them. In 2018, I found another seller on eBay, from Europe. He send me the disk with 2018 Xentry and activated remotely. With this install my C4 never worked because it was blacklisted and the seller of Xentry could not solve it for weeks. Finally that seller disappeared and I was left out with not working system and lost money. For me, those never ending troubles ended when I got a hold of BenzNinja. This is the first time where I was able to talk to a real person who knows a LOT. When I got his install, I can really tell that now I have three times more of stuff on my laptop than I ever had in the past. Magically, my C4 started to work again. But the real key is an immediate support that I get from BenzNinja, and that is priceless. On my 09 SL550 we updated ME97, ABC, Transmission and other modules. After a day of driving I can feel better handling on corners, I guess ABC update made a difference. So basically, my post is to outline the difference between Xentry suppliers and to acclaim that the package by BenzNinja is the best that I found so far. Hope that helps.”


Peter is second to none!

Peter is second to none! He doesn’t charge enough for how much he’ll do and how far he will go to ensure you get a clean and trouble free install. I had been going in circles both trying to troubleshoot my cars and also trying to find a reliable, headache-free system that would allow me to work on my cars without having to rely on the stealership. I was put off by all the stigma around clone Chinese” systems and poor support once you had the software. I felt like it was highly likely I’d end up losing money trying to achieve the perfect system. Once I found Peter and read about from others the kind of service he delivers, I knew I had found my guy. I was not disappointed! Once I reached out to him, he engaged with me and sent me all the info I needed to know about exactly what it was I was getting. He also sent me the links for all the hardware suppliers he knew could be trusted. Finally, when it came time to put all the magic together, he was again restless in setting and configuring everything up and did not sleep until all was perfect! Once he was done, I was connecting to my car and fixing issues within minutes and without any hiccups! Peter is the best. You need to not look any further!!! Thank you Peter, from the bottom of my heart!!!”


Peter it's always a pleasure to work with you Sir

Mercedes coined the term long ago…”THE BEST OR NOTHING”. Peter lives up to the motto with his services, knowledge, patients/persistence and true professionalism time after time. What’s to say that has not been said already? Peters services and what he has to offer in my opinion is a steal, he should be charging 4 times his price of entry but he’s not “That Guy”. He’s a business man second and a TRUE Mercedes enthusiast First. I think this guy is from another planet, he never sleeps. I often forget about the time difference and even at 12:01 A.M. (or later) Peter seems to be on the other end eager and ready to help. I could go on forever but long story short~ If you’re reading this and are on the fence about going another route….DONT!! Peter has the best to offer shy of getting your hands on a second hand MB Star system. For around a $$$ you can have the real deal hooked up and running with your own laptop and all.Not to mention you also gain a friend (Peters one Cool cat) that’s available to help work on your car with you almost always, that alone is PRICELESS!!! Who else and where else can you find that kind of service these days?? If you’re too cheap to afford Peters services and have anything negative to say maybe you should look into buying a Toyota and do some more research on what the man has to offer Thanks for EVERYTHING Peter it’s always a pleasure to work with you Sir”


Great service from Peter!

Great service from Peter! From initial contact to setting up the system. He also helped answer some questions that I had after sale. Great guy to deal with. I would highly recommend his service to anyone if you’re wanting to work on your Mercedes!!”


Save yourself the headache

When I started researching into getting a Mercedes Diagnostic System, the journey quickly left me confused and weary from all the different versions sellers were offering. Although I had prior knowledge that many of these systems were coming from China, with a little research it’s easy to tell that most, if not all, of these sellers are just selling repackaged versions originating from China with varied levels of markup, sub-standard or dubious quality, possible added security compromising software, and no guarantee of a warranty when you encounter hiccups or product failure. This is where I happened to run across Peter and all my concerns and uncertainties melted away. He embodies the essence of customer service and I can say with certainty that your investment in a Xentry system is best left with Peter. He is as patient as he is knowledgeable and he will help you navigate through all the possible pitfalls you might encounter had you NOT sought Peter’s help and you will undoubtedly save money in the long run trying to do it yourself. Save yourself the headache and leave it to a Professional like Peter to do what he does best so you don’t have to concern yourself on things that could be better spent elsewhere.”


I am very impressed

I am very impressed, great service and always helpful. The programs/software are working like charm !!”