All Coding Services by Remote

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Like nowhere else !

We adjust and finetune far more things like ADAS and/or Camera driven Highway lights, automated Foglights functions and several more Camera & ADAS and warning options and interactions

All this only works if all other elements are adjusted and personalized correctly
most of the time your adas is not even authorized and on

also, where BenzNinja beats them all is that all elements are updated if needed, checked, and non Headlights elements improved by coding as they are part of the process
The best fully optimized BenzNinja version takes up to 1 hour

All this is the result of many month's of development that could be achieved with the help of our thousands members

Harness the true full functionality of the headlights to track and follow cars, signs, and corners - enabling them to use their eighty-six individual components instead of just high and low beams. Left and Right headlights will act independently and make visible as much of the road as possible at all times. The individual LEDS automatically de-illuminate oncoming drivers and vehicles ahead of you allowing the highbeams to shine “around” them. A truly remarkable upgrade for anyone driving at night. (US/CAN/Denmark Only, car must already have lighting package 640.
For the United States where such lights are illegal. That is, they were illegal, but not anymore ! READ THIS

MBs in the US have their default factory height set to 1" higher than the original and optimal European height.

We recommend lowering the car to that original level and

if you want a lower look or to optimize handling, 2" lower is within MB's acceptable range.

Thanks to intelligent linking of camera and map data, Traffic Sign Assist is able to detect speed limits, school zones, and overtaking restrictions. It display this information on both the instrument cluster and navigation map, as well as the head-up display if present. It also warns against incorrectly entering roads against the flow of traffic. A map update to the most recent version is strongly recommended when purchasing this mod.

Map updates (recommended with Traffic Sign Assist)

For people who do not like start stop, we can enable the car to remember the last setting, so if you turn off start stop it stays off even after switching the engine on and off. 

Despite other companies, with BenzNinja you get a full AMG conversion, not just some menus.

If you do not want AMG cluster conversion but only the extra menus

"Sport+" or "Agility" as well as Manual modes can be added to the selection cycle for the transmission (in addition to just E/C and S). Sport+ is even more sporty than the well-known S-Mode. Agility is a happy medium between E and S. Manual will hold the gear until you are ready to shift. Also, in all modes, the accelerator pedal characteristics are changed resulting in more driving pleasure.

If you drive in S and this is your favorite drive mode, on car restart, instead of going back to comfort your transmission will remain in the last mode you drove

Instead of default Eco or Comfort driving mode, this coding sets your own personal default driving mode.

CarPlay – NTG 5.1 – 2015-2017


– A-Class – W176

– B-Class – W246/W242

– C-Class – W204

– GLK – Class – X204

– E-Class – W212

– CLS-Class – W218

– CLA-Class – W117

– GLA-Class – W156

– ML/GL-Class – W166/X166

– GLE-Class – W166

– GLE-Class – W292

– GLS-Class – W166


Video In Motion:
NTG5.xx – 2014-2017

– C-Class – W205
– C-Class – S205
– S-Class – W222
– S-Class – V222
– S-Class Coupe – C217
– Vito&Viano – W447

NTG5.5 – 2016-2017

– E-Class – W213


Your car is limited to a max speed set by MB. here you raise that speed to max

No more annoying seat belt chime with this mod

64 Color Ambient lighting enable(If vehicle only comes with 8 Colors) + extra programs

just coding for later vehicles, for older you need to install a kit like below

Change the interval of Service message in cluster (oil change etc.) warning or even disable them

Sets the night view to also detect animals

Buzz when locking the car

Always have the exhaust flaps open.

No "ding dong" in reverse

Get more massage seat modes

Disables automatic parking brake on park

All Mercedes vehicles come with a limited PARKTRONIC sound warning which makes a noise only at the last, red bar, when the obstacle is in a close proximity. Once coded, sound warning will raise a volume with each yellow segment and get to a maximum when you are too close to an obstacle.

Feel like 3 turn signals are not enough? We will code your turn signals blink not 3 but 5 times (or as much as you request).

MB have a timer of this function set only to several minutes. This coding will eliminate this limitation and let you enjoy warm and fresh air for as long as you like.

If you bought a used head unit it but be unlocked to work on your car

Factory limitation of Mercedes vehicles that bothers millions of Mercedes owners. Once you have it unlocked, you can manually input an address in navigation while driving. This coding also unlocks using Mercedes applications (Internet) and Bluetooth connection

This coding will enable AUX mode

Allows to turn all lights off completely. Allows also DRLs only mode. Can be activated while driving.

At daytime, DRL LEDs shine at full brightness and fade out at night. Quick coding removes all limitations and allows LEDs to shine at their full capacity or custom all night long.

Disable side turn signals permanently

Various Mercedes models have a set timer for a cooled seats function. Some models will downshift a cooling level to 2nd and some will outright turn it off. With this coding, you may designate how much you would want a selected level to stay active: either make it shorter than it is, or longer.

Other choice would be to decrease or increase the cooling output on each level (up to approximately 30% of default strength).

This coding will allow the video playback from the browser to continue while the vehicle is moving.

the car will no longer use the integrated Internet provider.  Instead it will take the internet from the shared connection *from* the phone.  The connection will be much faster and much more stable.

The energizing comfort is a Premium Mercedes feature, that integrates the various systems that the car has.

Depending on the features your car has, it can enable relaxation programs, that will integrate the climate control, ambient light, massaging seat, seat cooling, seat heating, etc.

Modify the Radio Frequency, select between USA, EU, Japan, Australia, China, South America frequencies

Mercedes models have a set timer for a heated seats function. Some models will downshift heat level to 2nd and some will outright turn it off. With this coding, you may designate, how much you would want a selected level to stay active: either make it shorter than it is, or longer.

Other choice would be to decrease or increase the heat output on each level (up to approximately 30% of default strength).  

New exclusive AMG P30 DTM Nurburgring tune for your ABC suspension available now !  pricing: contact me




users review:

After the procedure was done and I tried the car, the only thing that I could say was WOW!!! I felt that I was driving a sports car! The steering became incredibly sharp, almost to to a point of not forgiving even a slightest movement of the steering wheel. That was something!!!

The car turns amazingly sharp with zero tendency for a body roll. I let other family members to drive and both acknowledged dramatic changes to the handling.

What immediately struck me was the different behavior of the car. The suspension was a whole different animal. It was stiffer, yes, but at the same time the ride was more comfortable. Pot holes, bumps, etc. are passed on in a more firm way, but driving on a straight road, with normal variation on evenness,

the suspension is way better in swallowing imperfections, giving me the feel of higher comfort. The real difference, performance wise, is in the corners, and at high speeds. The car fells more agile, true to the line, like a real sportscar, as if the tires where on rails.

Driving fast ( I took the car up to 125mph. ) feel a lot more safe. The original ABC program fell a bit sluggish now.

BenzNinja repair by remote
Lots of problems can be fixed only by engineer programming and updating
Together, we can replace dead modules, code them for you and much more.
You will save thousands of Dollars

remote SCN coding for new modules or lost coding

Update your engine and transmission control units to the latest official firmware, which will improve handling and response. These firmware update are highly recommended before doing ECU/TCU tunes.

w204, w212, w218, x166 (prefacelift/facelift), w213, w167, w222, w292, w205, w253, w257

3 calibration options: Suspension lowering, Manual calibration and Automatic calibration

For retrofitting a used cluster, to a different car, pairing it, so the mileage is correctly displayed

w117, w176, w246, w156, w166, w463 (2011-2018), r172, r231, w221, w216 (2006-2012) (pre-facelift/facelift),

w204, w212, w218, w207, x204 (pre-facelift/facelift - color/monochrome), w205, w222, w257, w257,

w253 pre-facelift (2014-2017), w447 (color clusters only), w470, w213 prefacelift (2016-2020), w257,

w222 facelift, w238, w463, w205, w253 facelift (2018-present) (digital and analog)

You have reset your headunit by dealer menu and now your car is a Christmas tree ?

No worries, we recode it, everything back as it should

USA alarm is not auto-ON

Our alarm tune enables Alarm Auto On and also Alarm on Glovebox, Armrest and Driverbox

more small options can be finetuned