Coding-At-Home service

  • Simply go to the online form HERE and fill in your mod Wishlist and contact information.
  • All cars are different in terms of year, model, options, and module firmware/software.
  • All modifications are possible but sometimes a very few are not.
  • Only after the car is connected we know the full range of what is possible.
  • The list of modifications describes the most the common and desired options.
  • Additional options would be available specifically for your car.
  • It's the art of personalization.
  • After you fill out your online contact form containing your preliminary mod wish list you can order the equipment rental from our Shipping Ninja.
  • Your place in line will be held upon receipt of the $150 rental fee (which includes ALL shipping fees and insurance).
  • If you are purchasing multiple mods totaling between $675 and $950 one half of this rental fee will be deducted from your coding fee total. Over $950 in mods, the entire $150 will be deducted.
  • There will also be a rental deposit fee of $750 which will held until the equipment is returned or shipped onward and received by the next user.
  • The equipment supplied for coding consists of the BenzNinja laptop, a MB vehicle-to-computer interface, the OBD and LAN connecting cables, and a 10-amp battery charger.
  • Easy instructions for set-up will also be included.
  • The rental period is 72-hours. The car(s) will be coded the day after receiving the kit. The next day is a trial day to "test-drive" the mods. The third and final day is for bringing the equipment back to FedEx for shipping. Of course, if something needs to be adjusted or modified BenzNinja will extend the rental period.
  • Minimum order for rentals is $399 of mods.
  • Great prices with amazing discounts. please use our price calculator

  • Unpack the “state-of-the-art” BenzNInja coding kit you receive via FedEX Ground, follow the instructions to connect the laptop to your car, and then connect to your WiFi. That’s it.
  • A 10-amp battery charger/maintainer is provided to insure proper backup power during the entire coding process.
  • BenzNinja will access the laptop via Teamviewer and talk with you live during the coding process via the WhatsApp voice-chat application or via Skype as we install the mods.
  • During this time you can add to or modify your wishlist as much as you want. You can even ask us to do things like map updates or fix problems with your car.
  • Unlike other coding services, we start and finish our work by executing a free full diagnostic test exactly like the one performed at your MB dealership. These scans are always accompanied by a PDF printout for your records.
  • If problems are detected you can ask us to fix them through the coding process or even have us print out repair manual parts for a DIY.
  • Our goal is to make you perfectly happy with the work your car receives.
  • We offer you a 24-hour trial period to insure everything is working to your satisfaction.
  • If changes need to be made, we will continue to do everything possible to achieve and exceed your expectations. At that point the 24-hour trial period will restart.
  • Never worry, a full backup of all modified modules is always made for you and archived.
  • You can revert to 100% original anytime on-demand for any or all modifications. Or add more!
  • We are a five-star rated service for a reason.
  • Happy like the absolute 100% of customers and members since 2016?
  • If so, please make payment via PayPal or CC. Then re-pack the kit and drop off at your local FedEx office using the supplied pre-paid shipping label . Done!
  • Also once we are finished don’t forget to write about us online and share your experience!

We guaranty that coding does not affect your warranty.

Also, the coding locations will not visible by the dealer

Once you buy a mod from us, it is guaranteed for life. We will recode our mod back for free.