Membership besides all the remote services includes:

  • Windows (retail license included of course)
  • MB Diagnostics Software (custom BenzNinja version) + custom databases for firmware updates
  • Parts and repair software
  • Vediamo engineering software and it's concurrent + custom latest databases
  • Original BenzNinja CBFware and Flashware programs (400$ worth on www.flashwareultimate.com)
  • several special functions  programs
  • Diagrams software
  • + more

All with full unlimited immediate replacement warranty

  • Yes, update and repair Coding are included.
  • Please read "Are adding options like ILS+ free for members ?"
  • A absolute 100% five star rating all over the internet since ever !
  • No hidden fees, no recurring payment.
  • One payment that includes install and services. Lifetime !
  • 100% of all your personal cars are included

For members, repair/module replacement codings are included and free. Codings like ILS+, Suspension Lowering, AMG cluster conversion, Maps and any Mods listed in modding list are not. but as a member you get 33% off

  1. First fill out the contact form.
  2. Then if all details send back to you are ok, write back to join.
  3. Buy a cheap used laptop from ebay with the provided specs
  4. Buy a VCI from a non related store ( list provided if needed )
  5. Once the laptop arrived I takeover your laptop by remote and start installing. 9 hours later..... done ! (you are not required during this)
  • No, it is one of the most intuitive interfaces ever when you look at other brands.
  • You have assistance by live chat or voice call 7/7 included.
  • In fact, you would virtually not even need to learn anything as when you need, just msg, and I do the diagnose for you. It's all included !


  • Of course, the professional repair manuals with pictures and exploded view parts lookup.
  • Every single part is there.
  • and much more !

Yes, and perfectly ! English, German, Dutch and French Don't forget that all advanced coding is in German language only !

  • No, you just message me on WhatsApp or Skype and i help
  • In most cases, help is instant, 7/7
  • Sometimes, you will wait 30 min or one hour max.
  • In emergency, like stuck on the road, you will get instant priority !
  • BenzNinja covers all 2000 to latest models.
  • Engine, transmission and mostly any module !
  • Keyless go adaptation
  • Adding features, options, retrofits, firmware updating and changes
  • engine adjustments, cluster adjustment
  • Custom command coding, region change etc.
  • And tons of other things you will find in "ALL CODING SERVICES"
  • I developed and am constantly developing new techniques to safe faulty modules saving you thousands of dollars.
  • >No classic engine tuning as that has to be done by a tuning specialist involving mapping.
  • >No keys as that is also another job that has to be done on bench.
  • Yes, members get full unlimited warranty on the setup !
  • This is why the BenzNinja system has to be on a dedicated MB Diagnostics laptop or at least on a dedicated partition Windows system.
  • A diagnostics system is a tool, not indented to browse internet and to install anything else on.
  • If you would need a third part software on it, you just ask me, I approve and install it for you or not.
  • The BenzNinja system by itself never fails. But if one day it would fail, I will replace it same day.
  • 0 charge !

Yes !

  • The service has no limitations.
  • The one-time fee is calculated on personal cars.
  • So be fair. Everything is possible  outside personal cars, Tips are welcome !
  • Yes I do, as long as you have the hardware and a laptop your side.
  • I do only work by remote.
  • I do not receive, send, or sell any hardware.
  • As non-member, minimum fee for anything starts at 100$
  • As member, lots of codings are included, large codings for example  like ILS+, Suspension Lowering, AMG Cluster conversion are not, but you will get a 33% Member discount on these

The best laptop for the system would be a Lenovo X230 240 250 260

  • get one from ebay or craigslist with i5 processor (starting at 120$)
  • i5 processor or higher
  • 8Gb ram
  • no hard drive as you will be ours
  • Additionally you could chose the X230 tablet version X230T that has pen and touchscreen just like MB

Yes ! As long as it is a Lenovo X230 240 250 or 260

min specs are:

  • i5 processor
  • 8GB ram
  • 500GB SSD hard drive
  • 1 free RJ45 LAN port or RJ45 LAN to USB
  • WIFI, the system has a dedicated WIFI for my remote sessions.
  • For a trip or every day, keep the laptop and the VCI in your trunk.
  • Whenever you want, connect the laptop's WIFI to your phone's hotspot and you will have me live helping you one your car. Anytime, wherever you are !
  • Sorry we do not find that specific system up to the the standards we hold here.
  • At BenzNinja we work with the best possible system for your car So that we can ensure the best service and experience to our customers.
  • There is NO other VCI or OBD that meets the full specs of the device we recommend and use
  • BenzNinja is the most trusted workshop partner in the USA and Europe.
  • As a workshop, you also have the one-time club price .
  • Only difference is that a fair % on what you charge the client is shared as tip.
  • Adding the BenzNinja to your workshop allows you to accept nearly any MB client and more with a close to 0 investment !
  • I do flooded cars to any most difficult high-end coding.
  • All the workshops join BenzNinja because other coders fail, are not there when you need them and don't do clean work.

Easy, as this is professional usage, it's the same as for workshops fair-play and tips please discuss this

MB psecs is 20A

10A works also if you can't get higher

Here are the two best cheap:


  • Because there is more involved then just running a test and change some settings, things you could do.
  • For transmission, engine module and many others like cluster, advanced engineering coding and unlocking is required. Backing up original coding and retrieving updated firmware, then flashing them with special included software. This is the difference between a doctor an a surgeon.
  • BenzNinja does all that for you free of charge.
  • Chinese software has no access to firmware and SCN coding databases !
  • Chinese software mostly stops working after a year.
  • Chinese software is not adapted and properly installed on your hardware.
  • Chinese software have no warranty, no support, they disappear a few month after you bought it.
  • Chinese software do not have the car ECU and modules update function, as they don't contain any database.
  • Just read the reviews by BenzNinja members.
  • Chinese software and other solutions contain spyware, trojans. Don't dream...
  • You can think running antivirus software will secure. You are dreaming
  • Nothing free or cheap is clean, take the risk of getting compromised to safe the a few bucks.....